SERP Launches Early Learning and Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Program


In partnership with several Southeast Raleigh early learning centers, Southeast Raleigh Promise kicked off the Early Learning and Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Program. We are working to ensure that every child, from birth to 5 years of age will have a high-quality early learning experience within the Southeast Raleigh community. Over the past year, Southeast Raleigh Promise has convened and collaborated with community stakeholders and early learning centers to reimagine the preparation of early learners, and our notion of a high-quality early learning experience, an important component to nurturing economic prosperity in Southeast Raleigh. Preliminary data indicates that the presence of an effective observation-based child assessment implemented in centers throughout Southeast Raleigh, can impact the quality of participating centers by improving overall academic instruction. As a result, SERP is providing a focus group of early learning centers with the tools and resources they need to share data between early learning providers, and the public-school system. We believe, curriculum alignment between these two education providers will support a more effective collaboration between early learning educators, strengthen the foundation for these early learners, and improve their chances for early success.