A Better Future for All

Southeast Raleigh Promise is a Quarterback organization charged with managing the Purpose Built Communities Model of a collective impact initiative. As the 16th Purpose Built Community in our Nation, we combine neighborhood revitalization strategies with a cradle-to-career pipeline of support for children and their families.

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Building on Success

By organizing under a common agenda, our community can make best use of our vibrant energy and unique assets to positively impact our children, families, and neighborhoods. As this initiative moves forward, SER Promise will examine current efforts and services that meet the needs of Southeast Raleigh residents, identify gaps in capacity and resources, and provide an ongoing platform for residents to collaborate, share their vision and express their concerns.

Over time, we will work collaboratively towards creative solutions by cultivating what works, activating our shared values, and initiating long-term systems that adapt to effectively fulfill the needs of our children and families.