Our Mission

We serve alongside our neighbors, strategic partners, and funders to ensure that Southeast Raleigh residents have access to equitable opportunities to grow, thrive, and prosper.


About Us

Southeast Raleigh Promise was formed following a series of community listening sessions that started in 2011 to explore expanding YMCA services in Southeast Raleigh. The listening sessions were led by members of the Southeast Raleigh community and facilitated by the YMCA of Triangle.

The listening sessions led to a vision for a unique service model that would provide an impact beyond traditional YMCA programs and services.

In search of a framework to address the holistic needs of the community, the Purpose Built Communities model, which is led by a community quarterback organization, was researched and adopted.

In 2015, working with key funding and leadership partners, the Community Quarterback - Southeast Raleigh Promise (SERP) was created and incubated under the YMCA of the Triangle.

In 2017, Southeast Raleigh Promise was formed as an independent, tax-exempt, private non-profit. The organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Southeast Raleigh Promise is Raleigh/Wake County’s first Purpose Built Community and the 16th network member in the country. Adopted by 28 network members, Purpose Built Communities believe that fostering well-resourced and connected neighborhoods is the key to ending the cycle of poverty and creating ladders of equitable opportunities for individuals, families, and children to fully thrive.

The Purpose Built Model is a neighborhood-based initiative and is stewarded by a community quarterback organization. The core pillars focus on improving outcomes in the areas of housing, education, economic mobility, and health and wellness.

Core Values

We partner to dismantle institutional and systemic racism.

We seek meaningful relationships and engage authentically.

We nurture true collaboration with neighbors, key partners, and funders.

We leverage resources for a deeper investment.

We believe in community ownership of solutions.

We acknowledge and celebrate the rich history and legacy of Southeast Raleigh.

We create opportunities to build generational wealth.

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