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Area of Impact


Our Community

Southeast Raleigh Promise is focused on the neighborhoods surrounding the Rock Quarry Road Corridor (RQRC). With a two-generation approach, we serve children, families, and the Southeast Raleigh community at large. Currently, there are approximately 29,000 residents, 8,000 of which are children under the age of 18 living in the RQRC, and 54% of these children live in poverty. We work to transform our neighborhood to support healthy families who raise healthy children, who then grow into healthy young adults. Eliminating intergenerational poverty is long-term work. It will take at least one generation (18-25 years) to measure the true impact of this work.

Rendering of the proposed combination YMCA and a PreK-5 school planned for Southeast Raleigh.

The Beacon Site

The first phase of this initiative will be born out of the “Beacon Site” on Rock Quarry Road. A joint facility with the SE Raleigh YMCA, SE Raleigh Elementary School opened its doors in the Fall of 2019 and our partners DHIC have begun developing 120 affordable apartment homes on the site and will be ready in late 2020. While it takes a significant investment to build these physical resources, it takes an even greater investment to ensure that residents of Southeast Raleigh have an authentic and active role in shaping the way these resources serve the community.  We are committed to that investment.