2017 Off to a Running Start!


What a great way to start 2017! As Southeast Raleigh Promise (SERP) efforts continue, The Wake County Board of Commissioners approved a $1-million-dollar request from Wake County Public Schools to start designing a K-5 school through a Public-Private partnership with the YMCA of the Triangle. A big win for the Southeast Raleigh community and Wake County as a whole.

The new school and YMCA programs will be a great asset to the community but we know that Southeast Raleigh residents need and want more to support revitalization and end intergenerational poverty in their community. While the building of the physical resources is off to a great start in 2017, Southeast Raleigh Promise will continue to focus on the people.

As a Community Quarterback Organization, our attention will remain on brining resources that are both relevant and effective to the residents in Southeast Raleigh to help them build healthier lives and a stronger community. We will continue to initiate strategic partnerships with service providers, local leaders and residents to fulfill the needs of our children and families, paying close attention to safe and affordable housing for families, access to healthy food and spaces, and increasing economic and leadership opportunities.

SERP is dedicated to being intentional about how we are supporting the Southeast Raleigh Community. In December, we engaged 20 young leaders to help us canvass within Southeast Raleigh. Our goals are to create community dialogues, go in-depth with residents and create spaces where they can share their ideas, values, concerns and hopes about their community. The visions of Southeast Raleigh residents will become our actions. We will continue our community listening process throughout early 2017.

Collective impact is greater than anything we can do alone and we are very excited about the Public-Private Partnership with Wake County Public Schools and the YMCA of the Triangle as well as more impactful collaborations in the future!