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Our community members have done some amazing things to lift up and transform our community through the years. They perform everyday miracles in our schools, community centers, parks, churches, and homes. We want to hear from you and connect with you as we do this critical work. Here are some ways for you to connect and join our team on this journey:

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We envision a safer, healthier, and more prosperous Southeast Raleigh. 
What will it take to get there? What do you and your family need and want?

We must create a movement that builds on the strong legacy of our past and realizes the bright potential of our future. 
How do we do this effectively? What is important to retain? What must change?

We require strong leadership that holds the community accountable to results and commits resources to support this effort. 
Who needs to be at the table? How do you want to be involved?

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We want to collect and curate your photographs of Southeast Raleigh to document the momentum and energy in our community. Show us where you see promise.

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