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Our Model

We envision a cradle-to-career pipeline of services and interventions to support the children and families of Southeast Raleigh.

Holistic approach. Proven model.

In 2016, Southeast Raleigh Promise joined the Purpose Built Communities Network, which includes similar neighborhood revitalization efforts in cities across the country. The Purpose Built Communities proven model is a coordinated holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization, based on quality and focused on sustainability. Learn more about Purpose Built Communities here.


Community Quarterback

Southeast Raleigh Promise is leading the revitalization in Southeast Raleigh by engaging community members, building partnerships, securing funding and ensuring implementation of all components of the model as part of the community vision.

Defined Neighborhood

Southeast Raleigh Promise is focused on neighborhoods surrounding the Rock Quarry Road Corridor; primarily working within the 27601, 27610 and some of 27603 zip codes. If we can change place, we can change outcomes for the people who live there.

Building on the Purpose Built Communities Model, Southeast Raleigh Promise will address five pillars for strategic investment:


Cradle-to-Career Education

All Children will obtain an education that ensures social connectivity, self-efficiency, and postsecondary credential with labor market value.

Mixed-Income Housing

All children and their families living in the zone will have access to dignified, safe and affordable housing.

Community Wellness

All residents within the zone have viable pathways to obtain health and well-being through quality healthcare, nutritious food, and physical activity.

Economic Opportunity

All Stakeholders work collectively to create economic opportunities within the zone and to connect Southeast Raleigh youth and families to employment, entrepreneurship, and economic advancement.

Leadership Development

All youth and families are prepared to be positive agents of change, with the skills necessary to drive individual and community long-term success.

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