About SER Promise

Our Story and Vision

Southeast Raleigh is rich in culture, diversity, and promise. There’s no part of the city with more potential to grow and add vitality to our region than Southeast Raleigh. We believe that positive and sustainable impacts can only be made if we all work together in a way much different than we have in the past.  Over the past months, the YMCA of the Triangle assembled a group of volunteers to explore building a new facility in Southeast Raleigh.  After talking with residents and other community stakeholders, they decided that it wasn’t enough to just build a Y, but that folks had a much bigger vision of collective impact.  As such, a group of Raleigh residents are now working together to develop a solid foundation to support a collective vision for the future. The SER Promise “Project Task Force” is currently comprised of nonprofit professionals, business leaders, philanthropists, educators and more. Some of the groundwork has been established, but we still have lots of work to do to identify partners and determine how to move this important work forward. We have collectively outlined many of our challenges, met with groups around the country that are doing similar collective impact work, and have started to identify the ways that we can customize models that have been successful elsewhere to fit our community here in Southeast Raleigh.

Read HERE to learn more about Collective Impact and models from around the country.

The Southeast Raleigh Promise Project envisions a cradle-to-career pipeline of services and interventions to support the children and families of Southeast Raleigh.

We envision a site, along the Rock Quarry Road corridor, that has tangible, physical resources including a state-of-the-art YMCA with quality wellness facilities, a pre-K-5 school, safe and affordable housing for families, access to healthy food, and accessible spaces for recreation and play.  While it takes a significant investment to build these physical resources, it takes an even greater investment to ensure that residents of Southeast Raleigh have an authentic and active role in shaping the way these resources serve the community.  We are committed to that investment.

Kia Baker

Kia Baker

Executive Director

Neighbors and Friends,

I am both excited and humbled to have the opportunity to serve our community through leadership of the Southeast Raleigh Promise Project.  Southeast Raleigh raised me—from afternoon walks to Umstead Store, to T-Ball and Softball at Biltmore Hills and Worthdale Center; from summer camp at Roberts Park to performances and road trips with the MLK All Children’s Choir—with help from family, neighbors, coaches, teachers…everyone, I received the love and support I needed to thrive.  

Now, a lot has changed in our community.  Some changes are good, but many of the changes we’ve seen have presented serious challenges for everyone, but especially for our children and youth.  We know that change is inevitable.  It is a natural part of life.  But today, we have the opportunity to direct the change and create solutions that work for us. Southeast Raleigh Promise believes that if we focus our collective resources and creativity in 5 key areas, Education, Quality Affordable Housing, Health & Wellness, Economic Opportunity, and Leadership Development, we can improve outcomes for the children and families of Southeast Raleigh today, and for generations to come.

I hope that you will join us.  Together, we can achieve success far beyond our own imaginations!


Kia E. Baker